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Expert Installation, Repair, UV Curing, Restoration and Cleaning!

We are Long Island's premiere and ONLY UV curing service.

Wood Flooring Installation

Engineered and solid wood flooring installation in Suffolk County, NY

Laminate Flooring Installation

Get the look of hardwood flooring for less money

Vinyl Flooring Installation

Add no maintenance flooring with sound proofing on almost any floor

Wood Flooring Installation

Engineered and solid wood flooring installation in Suffolk County, NY

Laminate Flooring Installation

Get the look of hardwood flooring for less money

Vinyl Flooring Installation

Add no maitnenance flooring with sound proofing on almost any floor

Our Services

  • Installation of unfinished and prefinished solid oak flooring
  • Installation of exotic wood floors
  • Custom installation inlays and borders
  • Floor repairs
  • Sanding and refinishing of old and new floors
  • UV finishing system
  • Monocoat oil finish
  • Stair tread installation
  • Install laminates / engineered

About Us

GR Flooring is a family owned and operated business serving the Long Island area. We supply and install unfinished and prefinished hardwood flooring and refinish existing floors. We also install exotic woods, vinyl, laminates and engineered flooring.

GR Flooring deals with new construction renovation work ranging from 300 square feet to 30,000 square feet. No job is too big or too small for GR Flooring!

As a family owned and operated company, GR Flooring was built on the principles of honesty, quality and integrity. Enhancing these principles with extnsive product knowledge and experienced craftsman, Gr Flooring has been on top of the flooring industry.

We believe GR Flooring sets the standards that other flooing companies strive to meet. We provide the benchmark for quality, integrity and customer service.


Here's what some of our clients have said

hardwood flooring installer

t is so nice to have a service company that truly works with you! Gary was on time for our consultation, and listened to what I wanted, gave his recommendations, and was extremely nice yet professional. The floors, even though there had been damage that caused the need to get them redone, look absolutely stunning! His workers were thoughtful and very nice also. They taped everything off, closed openings with plastic and zippers, and cleaned up every single area! Great work by great people! Highly recommend them!

Barbara F.

Commercial Flooring Installation

Terrific on all levels. Gary and his crew were attentive and friendly in helping us choose a floor stain and gloss. They also did a very fine job of patching a large hole in the floor after getting rid of an old vent grate. We left the house in Peconic during the week and came back to stunningly good looking floors. No complaints and highly recommended!!

Lee H.

hardwood flooring installer

I have the greatest regard for this company ! They are amazing and true professionals and deserve nothing but the top rating! Highly professional team, and highly recommended. Gary’s attention to detail, follow-up and communication skills put them at the top, in my book. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this company to anyone who appreciates quality work, neatness and dedication to detail ! My wood floors look amazing 🙂

Mike P.

Deep Floor Cleaning & Protection

Trust our experts to get all the dirt off your floors, even the cracks. With our equiptment, cleaning and sealing solutions your floors will be looking like new and staying that way for a longer period of time. And WITH NO DOWNTIME because of our UV System.

Refinish Your Floors at the Speed of Light!

GR Flooring is Long Island’s only choice for UV curing of floors. Have your furniture back on in a day.  No more waiting!

Ultraviolet (UV) technology has been used for years by hardwood manufacturers to cure finishes in the factory. In fact, most pre-finished hardwood is made using this technology. Radcoat UV Finish utilizes the same technology to immediately cure the finish on the job site, in your home, office or sport flooring. The benefits are clear: your newly refinished floor is ready for traffic immediately! No more waiting one day to move the furniture back in, or up to a week before you can put back the rug. Using UV Finish your floor is ready in seconds!.

All products and machines made in the USA.

UV Finish rates higher than any other finish for hardness (90/100 for rock hardness, versus 64/100 for most pre-finished hardwood floor and 50/100 for a traditional site-finished hardwood floor)

UV Finish rates higher for scratch, scuff and black heel mark resistance than any other finish, scoring almost twice as high as pre-finished hardwood

UV Finish will last 2-3 times longer than any other finish, meaning you don’t have to refinish your floors again for a long time

UV Finish rates higher than any other finish for chemical resistance, meaning it will perform better in protecting against stain.

UV produces zero VOCs (volatile organic compounds), which is better for the environment.

Move the furniture back the same day. 

We come in after you close your business and your floors are completed and ready before you re-open no smell and 100% CURED.

Benefits of Vinyl Flooring

  • Fast and Easy to Install
  • Water Resistant
  • Adds Warmth
  • Reduces Noise
  • Hides subfloor Imperfections
  • Installs Over Existing Hard Surfaces

Vinyl Flooring Options

Vinyl Flooring Construction

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